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Farm Fresh Products

Beef, pork, poultry — know where your meat comes from!

Brighten Your Table And Life With Farm Fresh Products

At The Defender Farm, we prioritize the care of our animals. With beef, pork and poultry to offer, treating our animals right is one of our main focuses. Humanely raising all our farm animals means something to us.

We focus on nourishing our animals and allowing them to live a full and healthy life. Once it’s time to harvest, we trust that we’ve done what we can to give our animals the opportunity to live out their days in comfort.

cows eating on the farm

The Difference Of Farm-Raised

Eating the meat from an animal that has had a good life directly affects your body. Raising these animals with care and respect nourishes your body in a way that mass-produced meat never can. Here on our farm, we want to spread the knowledge that grocery-store meat is not the only option, and you can do better for your body and your family.

We work with our animals and the cycle of the seasons to provide our customers with meat at various times throughout the year. Since we don’t always have fresh meat available at all times, please contact us to inquire about our products or join our reserve list.

Striving For Seasonality

Depending on the time of the year, our product availability will vary. For instance, in the winter, our chickens’ egg production will slow as the days shorten. By honoring our animals and their natural rhythms, we believe our family and yours can grow closer to a more natural way of living. With this in mind, do come back to visit our site often or reach out with questions about meat and egg availability.

Fresh Pork

Our pigs live out their best lives socializing on the farm and soaking up the sunshine. We believe the quality of life reflects in the taste of the pork, which is why we strive to give our pigs the best lives possible. When we have pork for sale, our customers can choose ¼, ½ and whole pork for purchase. Prices are available on our pricing page.

Seasonal Meat Promotions

Throughout the year, we announce meat sales and promotional packages. Check back often to see what’s available!

Fuel Your Body With Fresh Foods

Living a natural life on the farm means something to us — that’s why we want our customers in Harvard and surrounding areas to get a taste of what nature provides. With local proteins on your table, you can feel confident that you know where your meal came from and who put their passion into making it possible.

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