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Care + Health

We take extra health precautions for all our dogs' safety!

Dog Care + Health

When you adopt a puppy into your family, you want it to be happy, healthy and have a long life. We feel the same way about our family pets — and we go out of our way to ensure your new family member is in peak health before we hand him or her over. From special care during pregnancy to weaning and physical alterations, we’ve been sending off happy puppies for years.

You can trust that we care for our dogs and puppies with custom attention and care. The Defender Farm chooses to uphold high standards of health for many reasons, all of which benefit your family and your dogs.

two doberman dogs running and playing

Health Checks

The health of our dogs and their offspring is a top priority for us here at The Defender Farm. We schedule routine, thorough health checks to ensure our animals are in top condition.

In addition to annual blood panels, hips and thyroid tests, we also commit to genetic testing for all our dogs. Since the Doberman breed is susceptible to a number of genetic diseases, we strive to avoid passing on those genes.

By being selective about the genes we pass on, we significantly reduce the chances of your puppy growing up to deal with uncomfortable symptoms and dangerous diseases.

Keep on reading about what to expect when taking home your new puppy.

New Puppy Process

The day you bring your puppy home is a very exciting day! Whether you’re an experienced dog owner or a first-time puppy parent, we want you to have the best chance at comfort and bonding right off the bat. The Defender Farm sets all of our puppies up with a Puppy Package to help with the transition, including:

  • A small packet of food
  • Blanket from littermates
  • Defender Farm t-shirt
  • Toys
  • AKC registration
  • Vet records/vaccinations
  • Ear-posting material if needed

Your first days with your puppy can be spent enjoying the cuddles, playtime and puppy breath you’ve been looking forward to.

Choose The Defender Farm

When you’re ready to welcome a puppy into your family, turn to us here at The Defender Farm. We’re excited to work with first-time dog owners, families in need of a service animal and fellow dog lovers of all kinds. Feel free to join our reserve list to begin the process!

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